In 2019 Hadid acquired the ACP Acciaieria di Cividate al Piano - a steel factory located in the heart of northern Italy, near Brescia, on an industrial area of 235,000 square meters which offers maximum production flexibility and responsiveness in deliveries thanks to an organized and always well-stocked warehouse A.C.P. SPA. (share capital Euro 35,000,000.00) is a steel company that produces special and stainless steels through the production cycle of the electric steelworks.

The Scrap Park consists of a totally covered area that allows the storage of raw materials for a volume of 35,000 m3. The selection of the main macro-classes of scrap (bound or not) following punctual quality checks, allows segregation in the n. 12 compartments available. Depending on the mixes calculated by the management system to obtain the chemical analysis required by the customer, operators package the baskets using cranes equipped with a magnet and a mechanical spider; these are weighed and loaded in the electric oven (E.A.F.) where the melting takes place and the slagging takes place.