Hadid aims to acquire international market shares, with sustainable goals from the financial and logistic structure, without neglecting opportunities for alliances or diversifications that are synergistic and complementary to our trader core business.

Ongoing support and interest in developing some innovative startups with own brand in the electric car, healthcare, coffee and retail industries in general in countries such as Bulgaria, Morocco, Malta and Italy.


Hadid works for the creation of innovative startups with both Italian and foreign companies.

We also do active scouting, in the sense that we participate in events or business opportunities in the world in which this type of reality participates, both in Italy and abroad.

The Hadid boasts professionals and managers who have the necessary skills to ensure that these companies can grow on the market in business strategy, commercial development and also in fundraising by venture capitalists.


In Italy there is the theme of the product, of made in Italy and it follows that many initiatives focus on this front: on one hand we have the engineers and on the other one the artisan know-how

Our job is to make these two worlds interacting each other.