Production and Trading

in the international

steel market

Hadid is a commercial business system evolving with modern technologies and the needs of international markets, which operates in the world of steel, with particular attention to common steels and special steels, metals, iron, carrying out the function of intermediary and link between production and trading in international markets.

Through solid partnerships established with the main international producers and traders, Hadid can now boast an experience specifically being a privileged partner of one of the most important world steel traders, with a turnover of around 3 billion euros annual, the "Stemcor London Trading Ltd".

In the trading markets, this partnership action has strengthened the core business by opening up international commercial outlets, especially in countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Spain, Greece and allowing to increase both direct and indirect marketing of scrap and steel in general, with significant quantities. The internationally sourcing of raw materials allows you to always have updated information and a global vision of the market.

In Hadid's strategy, despite the continuous evolution of the tools used and the high level of complexity achieved, personal relationships continue to be considered fundamental for a long-term vision over an opportunistic one.